Listen to extractions, many of you probably feel cold invertebrates.

Listen to extractions, many of you probably feel cold invertebrates. But the fact is that with today's scientific advances, the patient hardly suffered little pain.

The specified tooth

Most popular: teeth are maxillary canine teeth and wisdom teeth. In the case of wisdom teeth erupt misaligned then the tooth is the only way to prevent more bad situations can occur.

Braces: sometimes need extractions to create the space needed for the treatment of self-harm.

Tooth: When heavy infection, deep tooth broke big, impossible or treatment in dental fillings, also need to spit.

The disease around severe teeth: in this case the wobbly teeth significantly due to the wrapper, support bone around the tooth have been destroyed, cannot be anymore. phuc The tooth is simple plan and save for.

Injury: in the case of broken teeth, broken tooth, can not be treated by the method of tooth fillings.

When extractions can be dangerous …

In some cases, the dentist needs to temporarily:

Infection: the infection spread from the teeth down to the bone and to benefit all around. Anesthetics will not work, so if the patient will spit still very sore. In addition to infection can invade, spread throughout the body by the blood. As such, it should be temporarily postponed extractions When infections were curable with antibiotics.

If you frequently use anticoagulants, such as Warfarin or Aspirin pain reliever. The tooth will risk a severe blood loss. Need to consult a doctor. The tooth often genera are spit when you have stopped using the pills say on at least 3 days.

If you underwent heart surgery in about six months ago that the extractions only made when you were taking the antibiotic, against infection.

After the spit …

Usually, it takes about a week to recover from wounds. However this also depends greatly on whether you don't have good wound care. Very good burn no smoking for at least 24 hours after the extraction. Follow the instructions specific post-operative dentist.

You will light swelling in the tooth, in the range of 2, 3, sometimes 4 weeks. This is the normal reaction of the body, should not worry.

The result of the extraction

Except wisdom teeth extractions, tooth remaining cases you should have false teeth to fill in the gaps caused by the extraction.

From simple illustration in Figure Drawing party, can see that if the gaps are not born then fill from time to time the neighboring teeth will chain to the tooth, opposite the gradual encroachment of that area, and as a result the teeth become deviance, affecting the ability to chew, the condition of the jaw joints and dental health in General.