D. full-hard jaw teeth eat chewing, aesthetic and especially in communication because of the nonstandard pronunciation like normal people. Especially with older people, lost all influence jaw teeth to dental health as well as general health.

According to Dr. Vo Van celebration: Easter photos missing teeth with artificial teeth and jaw wide background of Acrylic plastic, soft plastic Biosoft is also a method of choice. Not the improved eating chewing that removable jaw also help restore, restore sound thanks to the shore of the false function with tight limits of the hard tissues and blankets to achieve stability of the dress looks swappable.

Soft plastic fitting dentures Biosoft with characteristics of plastics do not save the smell on the jaw, hard to break, in the metallic hook hand neck teeth very aesthetics, easy fitting to the toilet.

Pros: functional and aesthetic hook background color of gums like truth, flexible JAWS should hardly deformed when the fall or impact, hard to break because of platforms inside the function there are more broken netting.

Cons: must have time to familiarize with the false function from 2 to 4 weeks should in time can you need to edit. When using a function, every evening you have to eject, the function by soaking in warm water to cool. Long time use, fake function become loose due to the jaw knocked away, there's no stick sure like the original.