Implant is a most advanced achievement in modern dentistry. The great advantage that implant brings makes this solution became the top choice for patients with missing teeth. So that at present in almost all dental services. However, to successfully implant treatment, there are some note that we send to you. From the casting experience was in the process of research, practice and learn from the experience of the dental world advanced country (the United States, Germany, and a number of Asian countries) we noticed that to get results a implant treatment it must have the necessary and sufficient conditions as follows :

1. Implant Center

2. Doctors treat

3. Sterile

4. Preparation of patients before and after implant

5. Labo produced porcelain teeth




Must be equipped with 3D x-ray system and Implant software

This is a required standard for reviews is that the international standard implant Center or not

and only through this standard you can direct new reviews. This is considered the gold standard for your choice.

Thanks to the 3D x-ray system and implant software allows:

-survey of the three-dimensional image of the jaw

-Appreciating the quality and quantity of the bone

-Place the Implant in the ideal position and direction

-absolute safety for patients, avoiding the errors can occur due to put the implant in the wrong direction.

-Check the fit of the dress form from porcelain on implant

These are important factors deciding the success of ImplantNg
oài, CT Scan system and Implant software also help shorten treatment time for patients, especially patients at a distance.


1. Master Professional: doctors are complete training on implantology, dental image recovery technology to meet all levels of difficulty, complexity of each case. Image analysis skills on film CT also indispensable when based on three-dimensional images of the jaw bone to proper evaluation of bone quantity, quality and bringing out the complete treatment plan. This is one of the factors that determine the success of Implant treatment. And understanding about the cochlear implant system also helps the doctor giving the proper advice on the most suitable implant types with each case.

2. Practical skills in practice: usually in the advanced countries, in order to make the process of organ transplants and the picture on the Implant has the combination of oral surgeons, doctors and technical staff dress labo produced clinical teeth on. But sometimes, a physician is responsible for both the implant and the picture on the Implant. And to decide to put faith in the doctors, you refer to the cases that doctors there had performed.

3. The ability of aesthetic perception: there are many patients complaining why he had chosen the type of implant and the best porcelain Prime but still feel dissatisfied, teeth should a little small, stained teeth not too white, so how to look naturally … All of this depends on the ability of aesthetic perception of the treating physician.


Sterile is that all patients are concerned, as well as other medical fields, dentistry also require sterile conditions are very severe. According to the disinfection procedures guide, each patient has individual kits and absolute compliance with the regulation the only instruments used for 1 patient it, do
not reuse. And, of course, is not the only instrument that both surgical rooms must also be sterile. However to accomplish this requires frequent and proper implementation of the process.




Before surgery

-Dental hygiene, getting clean the plaque, periodontal inflammation treatment if available.
-Use mouthwash that contains chlohexidine antiseptic in oral cavity
-Check your blood pressure, heart disease and for patients to perform some required tests
-Oral antibiotic prophylaxis before dental implants implant

This work is very important, positive contributions to the success rate of dental implants implant

After surgery

-Continue to use mouthwash that contains chlohexidine
-Perform wound care at home under the guidance of doctor
-Check the re-examination after 4 or 5 days



 Lab plays a very important role in creating the perfect porcelain teeth products. This requires lab is fully equipped with modern equipment such as dental porcelain manufacturing systems CAD/CAM lab staff and technical mastery of medium sized technology has high aesthetic minds. Porcelain teeth products must meet the technical requirements as the road completed, the slopes, the color, the shape of teeth, … specifically on implant harder than normal Crown-shaped dress. The products do not meet the requirements of quality and aesthetics will be removed and redone from the first paragraph.

Porcelain teeth do not fit police easily cause bad breath, sore gums, if aggravated condition can cause inflammation around the implant or implant fractures shot leading up to Easter.