The treatment plan and the process of implantation is one of the factors that determine the success of the Implant.
To give out the exact treatment plan, doctors need to determine a patient's desire for oral health upon completion of the treatment.
The following is a comprehensive process of consultation and treatment of a patient's Implant was done at the Center for Human Implant Center.

BS: Bs. Vo Van Staff

Patient information

BN: V.T. T
Gender: female
Year of birth: 1979

1. Visit the dental health status, status of missing teeth and general health of the patient

 Original image: the patient has worn the false function  Original image: patients not to wear fake ham
General health status: good

Oral health status

According to the initial assessment, the patient lost the entire tooth, teeth and gums drive bone deformities. The mandible was inflammatory periodontal, leading to R31, R41, R42, R43, R37, R44, R45, R47 was wobbly; R46 lost, R35, R36 and only the tooth.

To have these reviews accurately about the condition of the jaw, conducting shooting panoramic film (Panorama) and CT film for 3-d images.

2. The film captures the entire jaw and Implant Center CT film People, use the Implant to software quality assessment, the number of bones

 Shooting the Film Panorama
On Film Panorama, we can observe the target of serious bone condition in the mandible and maxilla. The tooth in the lower jaw are no longer hang on the jaw. In this case, if the conduct Implant, to make technical assistance more in Implant is "bone graft technique".

 R24 bone CT film  CT bone movie R14

Target is the general condition 2 function but in every bad teeth objectives different bones. This is not the correct test on Film Panorama which can only be determined through CT on film that index Implant software offers. Implant software for the parameters of the length and the width of the jaw to the exact millimeter.

The movie shows, the R24 bone CT length is 16.6 mm, the width is 2.0 mm

CT bone movie R14 showed bone length is 17.2 mm, the width is 2.3 mm

Through the film, direction, location CT dental implants and Implant length required is also express

 R13 CT Film
Plug Implant A 14
Engineer: Nong bone, bone chappy
CT Film R23
Plug Implant A 11
Engineer: Nong bone, bone chappy
3. Planning treatment

In case of loss of all teeth, there are 2 options resume on Implant: false function removable and fixed porcelain teeth. Private patients chose Easter picture and redo the entire lower jaw should amount to Implant the new increased support was the whole Crown. But those specified as this must be based on specific circumstances.

Treatment plan:

Maxilla: 8 Implant support 14 teeth, bone grafts, 2 mini Implant.

Mini Implant only was attached temporarily to keep the jaw for patients not be vacant pending uniform teeth fixed image on the Implant. When doing the restore image, mini Implant will be removed.

Mandible: 8 Implant support 14 teeth, extractions, bone grafts
1 mini Implant and 2 bearing Implant in an instant.

4.  Proceed with Implant

Maxillary Implant Mandibular Implant
Typically, the Implant is covered by gums should not be seen but there are a number of cases, the Implant is exposed to. This is specified separately for each patient.
1 mini implant and 2 instant bearing implant 2 mini implant
After surgery, the Implant was tested on Film Panorama film and CT to avoid and limit those mistakes can happen.
Shooting the movie Panorama check
Implant R26 Implant R15 R36 Implant
5.  Uniform shape on Implant
This is a relatively complicated so requires care in every detail. According to the experience of the experts, the dress looks on the Implant is more complex than the Implant, particularly for those long bridges.

To avoid errors that can occur in each stage, the dress looks both screening tests.

On Film Panorama, you can see the mini Implant at this have been removed

Try the rib Crown on Implant

Check the Crown on the Implant by Film Panorama


Crown on Implant
Restore the image on the Implant was completed but you note on the gums. Gums not seat down as normal teeth due to gum deformities back in time patients lose teeth, wearing pseudo functions. So, to make more technology "to create aesthetic amalgam".
 Cosmetic gum made with ham on
When observing the image above, you can see that the upper jaw gums are in the process of wound and was partly down to the roots.
Yet gum surgery Have gum surgery
Before the treatment After the treatment

Reviews after completing the treatment plan

-the patient's general health good

-The good wound, not infection

-bone integrate good

-Implant integrates well with ham bone and good strength

-teeth on the Implant fit, color and size match the color as well as the patient's face

-create a successful gum surgery

Patients are very satisfied with the results of treatment and this is also something that we always consider going to bring every customer.