Implant in cases of lost 1 tooth is a small surgery, quite simply, like a normal tooth. So this process only takes about 30 minutes. Despite being a tiny surgical shifts but for those patients with a history of, or currently suffer from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, high blood pressure (low), … are there specialist emergency resuscitation to track the signs for patients throughout the transplant process. This assertion that, we always guarantee the safety of any ca implants would, from the most simple to the most complex.

Doctor: Dr., doctor Van Staff

Patient information

BN: N.T.M. N
Gender: female
Born: 1983

General health status: good

Oral health status: d. R24

24 tooth loss
Shooting the movie Panorama check

Film Panorama R24
Based on the movie Panorama we can see R24 knocked teeth due to tooth loss drives bones long day

Treatment plan: implantation 1 implant support R24, bone grafts

Enterprise backbone density test drives the R24 on film 3 dimensional CT and Implant software

Determine the width and length of the R24 drive enterprise backbone
Length: 16.6 mm
Width: 2.0 mm


Implantology R24

Check the bone graft and implant R24 on Film Panorama
In all of the incisors, implant patients have a temporary tooth pending official image recovery on the Implant. As such, the social communication activities you are normal.

Uniform shape on implant

Mounted on porcelain tooth Implant R24

Screening test of the fit Panorama Crown on implant

Cost of

The average cost for 1 $ 700 to $ 1000 's Implant, teeth on the 150 USD/dental Implant

Cost Implant depends on the airline and the country of origin. Cochlear Implant centers currently People are applying some world famous Implant systems such as: Nobel Biocare (USA), Straumann (Switzerland), Ankylos (Germany), Tekka (France), Neo Biotech (Korea)

Duration of treatment

The case of the quality and quantity of the bone good

The average treatment time for the process of replacing 1 Implant to implant since image is 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, you can have from 3 to 5 appointments.

The case targets the bone

When knocked out by missing teeth tooth drive bone on long, if want to make Implant, bone grafts are required. According to specify for each patient that bone grafts and dental implants can Implant or bone graft at the same time the way at implant Implant from 5 to 6 months. This time can be quite long for the patient but it is needed to create the force certainly support Implant.