Usually, the time from Implant until the teeth mounted on the Implant the average is 4-6 weeks (the quality and quantity of the bone good), the 6-9 months (osteopenia is bone grafts). But in some cases, can attach to the dress pictured on the Implant immediately following implantation.

According to Dr. Vo Van: Instant Implant can be implanted immediately after tooth extraction or a short time after the loss of the tooth.

A number of immediate Implant:

-teeth whitening is tooth Implant bearing little chewing as the incisors

-the number and the quality of the bone is still good


Doctor: Dr., doctor Van Staff

Patient information

BN: N.L. V
Gender: Male
Born in 1974

General health status: good

Oral health status: good

Requirements of the p
atient: recover 2 maxillary incisors

The film captures 3 dimensional CT and Film Panorama to check the quality and quantity of the bone

 CT movies R 11
Bone length 20.0 mm
5.8 mm bone width
 CT R 21 film
bone length 18.1 mm
3.7 mm bone width

The treatment plan

-Spit 2 front teeth

-2 implant Implant extractions at the same

-Bone Graft


Dental implants dental Implant 2 door Attach the teeth immediately after Implant

Panarama shots check the Implant
The length and width of bone 2 different teeth should the length of the Implant are not the same
  Track status of wound after dental implants

7 days after transplantation Good wound gums

Cost of treatment

2 Implant (Implant $ 550 or $ 700/1 Implant) x 2

2 abutment on implant (USD 200 or 300 USD/1) x 2

2 teeth on the Implant (100 USD/tooth) x 2

Bone grafts 200 USD

Reviews the results after treatment

-escort health patient's general well

-tooth drive Bone remains the status after the tooth Implant more advantages

-very good wound process

-Implant are implanted in the right direction and the right position