The false function hygiene

-After every meal, so remove the false jaw out, clean and sanitary hygiene gums 2 times a day.

-clean Scrub brush by software function with the SOAP does not contain these substances do wear fake function. Do not use regular toothpaste or strong cleaners like bleach to false function because hygiene is very easy to do the mock function being worn.

-Remove the false jaw at night and soak in a cup of water, should use more drugs soak function.

-When cleaning should assume, to function on the blanket or cloth soaked in water, in case Miss the hand dropped jaw.

-If there are cracks or dummy function causing discomfort, go to the dentist to be editing again.

The medical in the oral cavity related to false function

-fungal infections Candidas

-trauma Ulcer due to fake gum residue

-Inflammation of the lip angle due to excessive bite

-Too sensitive to plastic background of false function