Aesthetic porcelain tooth is getting as many options from the patient. However, the aesthetic porcelain teeth results very different depending on the doctor. We would like to offer a few Italian consultant to help you more easily in the choice of porcelain teeth cosmetic treatment. To make porcelain teeth reach high aesthetic results, should have the following elements:
  1. Root canal well
  2. The work of the leper grinding of teeth is done properly, not sharpening too much, the image can be kept.
  3. Get the exact mark:
  • Need to put just to separate the gums and gum co limited of grinding teeth, sometimes need to put just two times.
  • Get the exact mark: when obtaining the seal need liquid rubber and special rubber according 2 the technique:
           -Imprint 1 to 1 few teeth: imprint 1 times
           -Many teeth to full function: print 2 times
  1. Pour the exact form
  2. Lab precision casting
  3. Doctors have high aesthetic experience, observe your smile to porcelain teeth and gums design in harmony with each other, select the appropriate color with the color and your smile

Why when do porcelain tooth doctors or recommend spinal cord cure? Because while making porcelain teeth grinding tooth class will have outside, grinding operations will affect the bone marrow should teeth for patients who have large marrow Chamber most doctors were advised take the bone marrow before the Crown title to prevent spinal cord inflammation later to remove the porcelain teeth out , retrieved the bone marrow and other porcelain teeth again.
Grinding tooth of the leper is very important in the process of making porcelain teeth, Mmài so that the teeth are too small and not fleshed the leper must have good hold, this work was conducted after completion of root canal, sometimes following root canal before grinding. In the process of sharpening you'll probably feel a little bit uncomfortable because his teeth when strange feeling was grinding away a layer outside. After the leper and grinding tooth tooth will imprint good bye to you from blanks in the teeth time mounted porcelain teeth.
Tu van rang su Tu van rang su
The original tooth After the leper grinding

 After grinding, the next phase of the leper is retrieved. To be exact, marks the work needed is to attempt to separate only the gums, sometimes need to put only 2 times.
Tu van rang su Tu van rang su
Attempt only contraction of gums
Tu van rang su Tu van rang su
First mark'd  Print times 2
Model plaster is poured rubber stamp based on retrieved and lab will be based on this template to make porcelain teeth. Each of the stages are related with each other should any stage would do wrong are all affecting each other.
Tu van rang su


The stages are done at the dental and lab will make stitching porcelain teeth built. Usually for these long bridges, must try the slopes before mounting to ensure close snugly with the gums.

Tu van rang su Tu van rang su
The slopes of mission Try the slopes on the mouth
Tu van rang su Tu van rang su
Tu van rang su Tu van rang su
Before the treatment After the treatment
 Before each specific case, the treating physician must understand the wishes of the patient and know how to bring results for pacing.

Clinical situations posing as patients reverse bite into, 2 front teeth longer than the adjacent teeth and gums the door slightly lower compared to the adjacent teeth should make patients not confidence when smiling.

Tu van rang su
The patient's request: make 2 incisors bite out of Government, improve the height and length of the gums of the teeth.
The treatment is conducted according to the step by step as follows: root canal 3 front teeth, gums and teeth porcelain-making adjustments for the teeth to bite the Government out.
Tu van rang su
Adjust the 2 front teeth gums
The process of adjusting the gums occur quickly, not pain, not cause bleeding by burning cutting machine used to help stop bleeding quickly. Time from root canal teeth attached to the Embassy for about 5 days, but initially only as a temporary mounting, follow the gums heal injured about 2 weeks after mounting the new truth.
Tu van rang su Tu van rang su
After the completion of treatment, the results make the patient happy, 2 front teeth to bite the Government out, the length of the stem teeth and gums in harmony with the teeth on the side, especially the color of teeth are very similar.
Tu van rang su Tu van rang su
Before the treatment After the treatment