First, on behalf of the employees of the company, we send you gratitude, concern was, is and will use our services health and wishes success in all fields.

Forerunner is a COMPLETE dental clinic, Dental specialist-MY-face, has over the years of operation, and good health service needs for sick people of quality and quantity we have decided to COMPLETE MY DENTAL co., Ltd. Our company works in the field: Banning the transplant, Implant braces (Correction), shape aesthetic porcelain Dresses (Zirconia, titanium), dentures, teeth whitening, cosmetic fillings, cleaning, extractions, …

Our company works with the motto "customer satisfaction is the goal of the company." our company will see the enthusiasm and dedication of the team doctors and assured of the quality.

Honored to serve long for sick people. Welcome to unite.

-Possession of a smile, a healthy teeth is the dream of everyone. It is also viewed as key to success when the smile always gives you the power of shape and confidence in life.

-To the Complete Dental My customers will be welcomed with a friendly attitude, openness, fun. Is a team of specialist consulted. With the motto "the customer interests first"

-To Complete Dental with My though was consulted directly or over the phone, customers are provided full information and details

-Dental Complete My be equipped with modern machinery systems, surgical room was installed, the correct standard x-ray rooms, lead, lead-coat protection for patients, air cleaning the best tools.

-Dental Complete My be linked to the company labo prestige, quality, have good technicians adjusted directly in the dental chair is true at the request of the client about color, shape of porcelain teeth.

-Aimed at giving customers the best treatment, doctors Completed My Dental system always updated knowledge from domestic and foreign professors, as well as the most modern equipment.

-Dental Complete My focus to satisfy each specific aesthetic requirements of the customer, providing consulting services and solutions for each case after examination. Technical analysis on the face, smile, teeth. So My Complete Dentistry not only gives you a beautiful teeth, but also bring in the haì clinic of the Republic faces with smiles the most aesthetic.

-With gentle hands, dedicated, professional attitude, considerate, quick service and customer care programs close. … To support the cost of treatment to help clients dream smile of confidence is no longer far away with everyone.

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